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“Does your life seem monotonous and pointless? Are you tired of having to deal with self-entitled humans who complain about First World problems? Do you find yourself longing for the zombie apocalypse to bring some excitement and purpose into your life? Then Apocalypse Yesterday is the perfect book for you. Read it in the break room, in your cubicle, or at your local McDonald’s with your favorite machete.”

S.G. Browne, author of Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament and I Saw

   Zombies Eating Santa Claus


About Apocalypse Yesterday

The zombie apocalypse is over. The humans won. Life is back to normal.


And Rip is bored as hell.


He remembers the blade in his hand and the sky on fire. His machete—Santana, he calls it—singing her black magic song while the dead fall around him. His friends by his side and Davia—the fiercest, fieriest woman alive—in his arms. Life on the razor’s edge, every moment heavy with meaning. Killing zombies by day and falling asleep among his comrades in the safety of the waterpark by night. Lazy River was their kingdom, and Rip was the king.


Now he’s just another drone answering emails at a call center. People complaining about the same pointless shit they did before the outbreak.


This isn’t life. The zombies, the apocalypse—that was life.


Rip would do anything to have that life back. Anything. He’s desperate. Not just regular desperate—more like break-into-a-military-base-and-steal-a-zombie-from-a-lab-and-set-it-loose-on-the-public-and-restart-the-apocalypse desperate. You know, that kind of thing.

An Excerpt from 

Apocalypse Yesterday

As featured in the

Emrys Foundation's Emryscast.

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